Saturday, January 31, 2009

day 19 & 20: kelly

Day 19:
Spent all day packing up my whole house. We live on the second floor & I did several trips up and down those things transporting boxes & totes & more CRAP than you could ever imagine 2 people having in an 1100 square foot condo. We were cleaning it all out and moving it all to storage to put it on the market, so we got a lot of work done!
? calories
7 hours

Day 20:
Moved furniture around, up & down stairs 30 times, loaded 4 truckloads of boxes & totes, cleaned until the whole house was SPOTLESS.
? calories
9 hours

Sorry it's not a 'technical' 500 calorie type workout, but I was so wasted tired after both of these days of working that I just couldn't find the time or the necessity to fit in another workout. I figure it was better than sitting around all day. I'm really ready to get back into real workouts though. It makes me feel bad about myself when I miss days that aren't rest days. I still have to figure something out for today. (We are still 'on the road' so things are quite challenging. Hopefully we will be home Monday & I can go to a class again.)

experiment results: kelly

Sorry for my absence these past three days. I've been a busy girl.

I wore my heartband & watch from midnight to midnight (despite the ridiculously uncomfortable squeezy band) and here are the results:
24 hours
2486 calories

I thought that was kinda interesting. I didn't think it would be quite that high, but it was. After the first 8 hours (when I woke up) it was at about 860, so it looks like I burn about 100 per hour while sleeping. The rest of the day I was sitting in the car. The only walking I even did was into dinner at the Cracker Barrel (with all that butter...mmm).

My husband made a good point in saying that the watch is only counting the calories you are burning according to your heartrate. It doesn't count all of the calories burned internally during digestion & by your basic metabolism. Means we are burning even more than we think!

Looks like I need to eat more during the day because I'm not even getting close to 1800 probably. I might start paying a little more attention to my intake. Besides that, I really need to get back into workouts. I'll catch you up on that in a second post.

Anybody else interested in doing your own experiment? I want to have someone to compare my numbers to. :)

Day 19 and 20 (Meredith)

I worked out yesterday and the day before but haven't had time to sit down and post anything. It's been a busy few days!

Day 19
57 min
501 calories

Day 20
52 min
505 calories

I think I feel thinner? I haven't been making the smartest eating choices, but I know that I haven't gone over 2000 calories for the most part (except maybe a few days), which means I'm netting an average of 1500 or so after my workouts. Of course, I'm doing dumb things like not eating breakfast, which isn't good. Like I said, though...been busy.

I can see the "30 Day" Light at the end of the tunnel. yay! I'd like to go out strong, so I'm going to really try to watch my food and workout like crazy for the next ten workout days.

Today is a rest day, however. :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

birthday present: emily

Please! Like I would work out on my birthday. :) See you tomorrow.

day 21: cassandra

Day 21! That just blows my mind! 

517 calories in 51 minutes
Cardio Dance Party

This was the best workout I've had so far. In all the 21 days, these were the easiest 500 calories to burn. It felt sooooo great! I had tons of energy and spring in my step! This was the first time in a very long time that my legs didn't feel heavy and fat. 

Also, this was the first time that my leg did not hurt! I guess it's the shoes at work! Thank goodness that madness is over because that shooting pain was becoming a real bummer. 

I've started limiting my calorie intake to no more than 1800 a day. I've joined to get those numbers. The more you work out, the more you need to eat -- obviously. 

Here's to feelin' great! Now if only this body would comply with all this work!! 

Day 18 (Meredith)

57 min
502 calories

I just jogged/walked and watched a creepy movie called The Watcher staring Keanu Reeves in an incredibly unflattering haircut. lol.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

day 17: emily

Took my rest day yesterday and worked out tonight.

Getting a little bored with the bike. I knew that would happen. I wonder if I should use it every other day and do a video or something on other days. I'm really wondering how many calories I could burn doing one session of Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred. Hmmm... I might see if I can find that info online, although I know it will be different for each person.

On that note, how is Kelly burning so many freaking calories during her sessions?? Haha! And how can I??

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

day 18: kelly

Jillian's Day 2 from "Making the Cut"
1 hour
645 calories

Jillian is a beast. Nuff said.

I feel:
Slightly sore, but like I really worked something off. I hope this weight training stuff really does my a difference. I feel more accomplished when my muscles burn. hah. Yay for tomorrow's rest day! :)

P.S. I think I'm going to do an experiment. I think I'm going to put my heartrate monitor on tonight at midnight and leave it on until tomorrow at midnight. Yes, it will be super annoying to wear while I sleep and all day long, but I want to see what my body does when I'm being my usual lethargic self. Then I will really know what I'm working with. My husband and I are potentially going to be stuck in a car for 14 hours tomorrow, so it should be a totally accurate study. I will be sitting on my arse ALL DAY. Yuck! Wish me luck! And I will be reporting back to you soon. And maybe this will get you many calories do YOU burn a day without working out?! :)

Day 17 (Meredith)

57 min
511 calories

Hooray! I'm back. :) It felt good to start working out again. If it weren't for the blog, I probably would've just given up by now, especially after being sick for those three (four?) days. So, I'm really glad that I have some accountability here. :)

day 20: cassandra

Only 456 calories in one hour and six minutes!
Jillian Michaels Day 2 from "Making the Cut" 

The workout was more weight training than cardio. Hence, the low calorie count. Afterward, I did 15 minutes of cardio, as suggested in her book. 

It took forever and I was crabby and I am SO GLAD tomorrow is a rest day!!! 

Monday, January 26, 2009

day 16: emily

54 mins
501 cals
bike, cardio, and weights

Love working out during The Bachelor! Man, today was a looong day and I wasn't too thrilled about working out, but it's before 9 and I'm done. I'm so proud of myself. One more day tomorrow and then I get Wednesday off, which is always great since I have trivia that night.

I feel great. I did a lot of weight work tonight and my arms feel so good.

That's all I have because I am exhausted.

Thursday's my birthday! Here's to a FIT year.

day 17: kelly

Jillian Michael's day 1 "Making the cut" anaerobic workout
8 min elliptical
7 min treadmill

645 calories
57 minutes overall

I totally like this 3 days on/1 day off schedule WAY better. It gives me just one more thing to look forward to every week. I'm feeling like I want to see some results, but I'm definitely scared to step on a scale or get the measuring tape back out. I'm going to continue to resist temptation and NOT do either of those things until the end of the first 30 days (or at least that's what I'm telling myself for right now). God help me if I see no results at the end of this...

Keep up the good work ladies! I need you to stick this out with me!! :)

day 19: cassandra

Gotta make this quick - work calls.

505 calories, 57 mins
Jillian Michaels Workout Day 1 from "Making the Cut" and 15 minutes on the elliptical

It wasn't too bad. I think I much prefer anaerobic workouts like this one to aerobic workous like the treadmill/elliptical/step classes. I just feel like my body is working so much harder and I know I'm burning more calories in the "afterburn" phase.

Tomorrow is going to be tricky; gotta work all morning and then only have a 2-hour window for working out, lunch, and shower before I head off to the second j-o-b. Tuesdays suck!!!

Keep on keepin' on!

P.S. I am going to pick up some SlimQuick sometime this week when I have time. I used that stuff last year on top of eating on the Zone and doing Crossfit workouts and it really worked! Not so sure about their new One Week Detox pills, though. I think those will make me have to go poo a lot. Gross. Sorry.

Gotta shower!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

day 18: cassandra

Meredith, oh my gosh! Feel better!!! And yes, take a day off!!

504 calories, 59 minutes
"Various" class plus two times around the track

Kelly burns 700+ in the same class. I burn 450. What the crap!? Today's class was interesting -- as Kelly previously stated. Oh well, it got the job done. Mike was very tan and very super. He made me laugh. He was a great motivator, though. "How's my front row doin'??" lol.

I got new shoes and my leg felt a little better during today's workout. I think it needs to heal before I can make it through a workout without excrutiating pain. My shoes are red, though. And that makes me so happy.

Tomorrow Kelly and I are going to do a Jillian Michaels' Circuit workout from her "Making the Cut" book. I so heart Jillian Michaels it's not even funny.

If nothing changes after the 30 days, are you guys going to still continue the working out? I think I am. Even if I see NO RESULTS, I think I'll keep up with this lifestyle. It can only get better the longer we do it, right? I will, however, be quite depressed if nothing has changed after 30 days. But I'm already mentally preparing myself for that. Never, ever give up!

P.S. I'm thinking about getting a consultation with a nutritionist to see what he/she has to say about this whole workout/diet thing. I would just love for someone to lay out the plan for me so I can just do it and actually have it work!!! I'm to the point where I'm willing to do whatever it takes as long I know it will change my situation!

Still ill. (Meredith)

Just wanted to say that I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth just yet. I'm battling a nasty cold bug or something of the sort. I've barely moved today in an attempt to let my body rest, but I still think I might have to call in tomorrow. I have yet to call in sick since I began teaching, so that should tell you how cruddy I feel.

I'm still keeping up with everyone's progress. You guys are doing great! I look forward to rejoining you soon with a vengeance. :)

day 15: emily

502 calories
53 minutes
bike and cardio

I basically did nothing today but this almost hour of exercise. Literally, nothing. I slept in, ate a little, watched tv, and went back to bed! It's so nice to be lazy on a Sunday! But I psyched myself up for this workout and it felt great. Yesterday I slacked off so today will be day one of my next three days.

The exercise I've been doing is a mixture of weight training and cardio, and I am feeling much stronger in my arms and legs. I've found that doing kickboxing-style kicks really gets my heart rate up and burns calories, so I love those! (I remember those from my Tae-Bo days in college.)

day 16: kelly

Yesterday was a rest day for me, mostly because I was talked into joining Cassandra's schedule, but I also justified by the realization that I DID have three workouts in a row (just over 2 days instead of 3). It was great to rest.

But today we got back on the horse and went to a 'various' class at the gym. It turned out to be a step aerobics class mixed with some resistance band muscle isolation & yoga ball ab work. At first we thought it was going to be a 'joke' of a class, but quickly realized that 'Mike' was serious. Straight from the 80's and focused on ensuring everyone was 'doing okay!'. It was rough, but we got it done and it's now over with! Yay.

Cardio Mush Pot
57 minutes
715 calories (don't know how that happened, but OKAY! :))

I feel:
Like this aerobic type of exercise just isn't cutting it. I think I may start some weight training on the side either before or after our aerobic activities. "They" say that with aerobic activity, your body will continue burning calories for another 2 hours or so. But with weight training, you muscles are 'built' and continue to burn calories for up to 48 hours after one workout. Plus, I like the idea of my arm, stomach, and inner-thigh flub becoming hardened. I would love to get my slightly 'cut' arms and shoulders back like they used to be in my fabulous volleyball days. Turns out I was hotter than I knew back then, haha. Oh, the olden days of 135 pounds and a toned body...

Come back to meeeeeeeee!!!! :)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

day 17: cassandra

This is from yesterday. Today is a much-needed rest day and for that I am so thankful!

430 calories, 50 minutes
Cardio Dance Party

What the crap?! The day before I burned over 100 more calories in the same class. Huh?!!? I did NOT have it in me to finish out the additional 70 so I called it a day. My accountability partner, Kelly, asked, "Are you suuuuure?" I said, "Yes! I just want to get out of here." She said something like she had to ask because she was my accountability partner. Lol. Thanks, Kel!

I felt:
Gassed. Extremely gassed. My body was crying out for a rest day and I am so glad today is the day! I also NEED to get new shoes. My leg is fine until I start working out and then it is so painful to do anything with my legs, which is causing me to not work as hard. Hence, fewer calories burned. I think I'm gonna go get some new ones today. I just have to.

I wore my watch while I was "at rest" for 15 minutes and it indicated that I burned 25 calories. Just sitting there. Kelly and I did the math and that means that if I just "sit there" for 24 hours, I burn 2,400 calories!!! And that's without exercise. I've reasoned that I am not losing weight (or anything!) because I have not been eating enough food, not taking in enough calories. So make sure you are eating, ladies. If not, your body goes into starvation mode and literally holds onto every, single thing you put in your mouth. You will not lose weight if you do not eat. If I burn 2,400 calories in 24 hours just sitting there and then I workout and burn an additional 500 calories, that's a total of 2,900 calories burned in a 24-hour period! Holy crap! I know I have not NEARLY been eating enough calories to sustain these intense workouts. So, eat up!!!

My recommendation? Eat breakfast within one hour of waking up to jump start that metabolism. Then, do not allow 4 hours to go by until your next meal. Have a snack before dinner, and a snack afterward. And of course, what you eat needs to be reasonably healthy. This is called the "grazing method" and although you feel like you're constantly eating, your body is working that stuff off!! You've gotta eat to lose, they say.

Enjoy your day! And feel better, everyone!

Friday, January 23, 2009

day 14: emily

63 minutes
500 cals
bike and cardio

What's going on with all of us this week?! I took TWO rest days in a row and then today it was like murder getting through my workout. I didn't want to do it at all, and I almost didn't. But, I thought about the blog (and my nagging husband), and knocked it out. Ugh.

I hate that I haven't been 100% consistent with this, and I just keep telling myself to stick with it. I don't plan to weigh myself until after 30 days, so I'm about halfway there.

I do feel stronger, and I'm very happy for that. Have I lost any weight? I have no idea. I feel disappointed in myself for not sticking to the plan completely. How do I get over that??

Sick (Meredith)

This stinks. I've been feeling kind of crappy for a few days, but I refused to believe that I was getting sick. Well, it's pretty much undeniable now: achy, sore throat, drainage...ugh. I'm not going to workout until I feel better, so hopefully that will be soon. Tonight, I'm popping two Nyquil and going to bed at 7:30. :(

I'm disappointed because I feel like I started this really strong and have just deflated over the past week or so. I know that being sick isn't my fault, but I'm irritated that I haven't been as into this as I thought I would be. I don't want to give up, and I won't. I'm just venting a little.

day 15: kelly

Cardio Dance Party
54 minutes
510 calories

Today was a bit tougher. I didn't have very much energy this morning, and it might be because of my ridiculous double workout from yesterday. I got through it with Cassandra though. I've only done 2 days of workouts, but 3 workouts in a row. Should I take tomorrow off, or wait til Sunday? I'm not sure. What do you think?

I feel:
Like my body is tired. And I can definitely feel the burn in my calves today. Sounds like it's time for another hubby rub-down. :)

Day 16 (Meredith)


502 calories
60 min

I think I prefer the treadmill; it's easier to adjust my pace. I can run, I can walk, etc. The elliptical just has different resistances. Kind of blah.

If I get through this 30 days (and I will, of course), I might consider joining our community center. I think they give discounts to teachers.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

day 14: kelly (yes, two in one day)

Dance Party
666 calories (creepy, but true)
54 minutes

I still felt guilt from this weekend even though I got up and worked out this morning, so I went again with Cassandra this evening. It was a lot of fun. I surprised myself with how much energy I still had left & felt like I got a really good workout in. We did a few new dances tonight too, so that spiced it up a bit. Cass & I were front and center, shakin' our booties for the 25 ladies behind us. These classes are getting SOOO full, but it's kinda fun watching other people make fools of themselves with you. We have a lot of laughs when we're in there (which could count as an ab workout, right?!). We're going again in the morning so I hope it's another great experience.

I feel:
Like my calves are really ticked off at me right now. Walking is interesting. It hurts, but kinda feels good at the same time. Crazy soreness. My hubby rubbed them out though, so I can be thankful for him! :)

Really? (by Rae)

I worked out for two and a half hours tonight, really? I think I hit 500, at least. Jogging 2 miles, rode the bike for 40 min, took insane abs class, then jogged 1 mile back to car. Now, I am broken. :(

Keep it going ladies!!!!! Those skinny jeans are within reach!!

day 16: cassandra

First of all, I must congratulate ourselves for making it past the 1/2 way mark of 500 for 30 days! Yay for us!

55 minutes, 537 calories
Cardio Dance Party

I feel:
Amazing! A day and a half of eating on the Zone totally changed my level of energy during my workout today. Normally, I only burn around 460 in Cardio Dance Party. Today, I had so much more energy and vitality that I was able to dance like a crazy person ("make it big, ladies!") and got all the way to 537 in the class alone. No extra stuff needed. Eating on the Zone sure can be a pain sometime (i.e. dinner and dessert time), but it truly is amazing how well it works.

Here's to seeing results!

reprimand me & day 13: kelly

I must come forth and apologize for my absence. Not only to you ladies as my support group & motivational force, but to myself also for allowing the slump to take place. This is what happened: Sunday was a fabulous day off, then it stretched into Monday, then Tuesday, and then yes, Wednesday too. I was on the road for 12 1/2 hours throughout those days & I just couldn't find the time, the sunlight, or the desire to get my butt up & get it done. I did get to see my wonderful family & my best friend & her husband, so that was great. But, my body is not feeling so joyful. I wouldn't let myself make a post until I had made some kind of move to improve myself and this situation. So, this morning, I got up and got a workout in! Excited that DanceParty was this morning, I went at 9:30 to find out that it was really the non-stop Cardio class at 9:30. UGGGHHH! Steps are NO FUN! And she was serious about non-stop. It was miserable. And that's probably what I deserve. So, I'm sorry I've been slacking, ladies. Seems like I wasn't the only one struggling these past couple of days though. We HAVE TO HANG in there together! I can't/won't do this without you guys (as you can tell from this weekend!).

Non-Stop Cardio
49 minutes
619 calories

I feel:
Like my ankle/calf muscle is going to be on fire sore tomorrow! A little bit of sadness comes from feeling like the past 2 weeks hasn't led to any physical improvements.I'm one that appreciates at least a little bit of positive change so I feel like it's necessary and rewarding to continue. I feel chubby, guilty for my actions this weekend, and glad my workout is over with today.

Now, what's for lunch?!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 15 (Meredith)

60 minutes
528 calories

I watched various TV shows while walking/jogging on my treadmill. I'm glad I worked out, but very tired. Off to bed. :)

day 15: cassandra

I only had a 40 minute window to work out today, so I got as much done as I could. 

340 calories in 35 minutes. I did 20 minutes on the treadmill and 15 on the eliptical. Nothing monumental to report here. 

I'm feeling quite depressed that I am seeing/feeling no results. But I can't give up. I will not give up. I think eating better and maybe changing the workouts a bit might help. God help us all if it doesn't. 

back on the zone.

Well, everyone. 

I am going back on the Zone "lifestyle." I am getting zero results from all this intense working out and it's beyond frustrating.

I'm sure you've heard me talk about the Zone before. It's NOT a diet. You don't starve yourself. In fact, you eat SO much that it's completely insane how you lose weight/inches/body fat when you are eating this way. 

The Zone + Crossfit workouts have been the ONLY routine that has worked for, I think I'm going back to that. I will still be doing 500 a day, of course. I think I just might shake up my workout regimen. And unfortunately, I need to curb my diet a bit. 

Ideally, I'd like to lose about 10 pounds and then MAINTAIN that weight with consistent exercise.

This is just all so annoying. But at least my Zone breakfast was yummy: Scrambled eggs and an apple with peanut butter. Yum! :)

:( (Meredith)

Kind of ashamed here. I know that they last thing you guys want/need to hear are excuses, but I'm channeling Joelle from the Biggest Loser, and it ain't pretty.

I'm speaking of yesterday, of course, which should have been Day 15 for me.

I didn't sleep well, eat well, or workout. Blah to me.

I haven't given up, however. I (sorry!!) weighed myself this morning with an "I should just throw in the towel" attitude then saw a 3 pound weight loss. So, yeah. The process works, I'm just in a funk, I guess.

I have already started my day better: oatmeal and blueberries better. Here's to a great day at work and the will to workout even when I realllly don't want to this evening. :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Update: Rae

I have been dilligently working out and training for the Capitol 10k on March 29 in Austin, so I have been a running machine. In less than a week, I have logged 18 miles! Which for me seems pretty big!

Today was a personal milestone on my quest back into fitness- a new (old) pair of jeans fits again!! Not exactly perfectly, but I got my big ol' booty into the size jeans I normally like to wear today and it feels so awesome!!!!! They do hug a lil' big on the, well, the big ol' booty which makes them seem a bit short, but THEY FIT!!!

Tomorrow I will run 5 miles and attend yoga class, but for now, it's pint night and I am off to a bar to meet some friends!

Keep up the awesome, amazing work ladies!!! Thanks for letting me be a wishy-washy blogger, everyday just wasn't in the cards for me!!!

Hoo-ray to all of us for our hard work and hoo-ray for booties that fit in our jeans!!!

And Tyly, you remain in my thoughts constantly- I sure hope you are doing okay.

day 13: emily

51 minutes
502 cals
bike and cardio

Oh man, I did NOT want to workout today! Matt didn't come home from work until 7:45, and I was trying to wait for us to eat before I worked out. Once I realized at 7:20 that he had just left work, I jumped on the bike and started my 500 calories. This is a new me! The old me would make a million excuses and then blame Matt for me not working out. :)

Now I'm done, resting, and enjoying the night. I plan to have a glass or two of red wine in a minute. Tomorrow is benchmark testing (blechhhh) at school so I need to ease my stress. As much as I hate to put any emphasis on testing, we are in a testing country (and a big-time testing state) and the truth is, how well my kids do reflects my teaching skills.

I feel GREAT! I always feel best when I reallly don't want to workout but push myself anyway. Funny, I wish I could remember this every time I reallllly don't want to workout. :)

Tomorrow is rest day!

no time!!!!: cassandra

Goodness, where do the days go!?

I don't think I'll be able to get a workout in today as I have to be at work in an hour and I just got done with my other job about 30 minutes ago! Geez!

I could workout when I got home tonight...I could. Maybe I will. But...uggggh.

If not, today will be my early rest day and I'll workout the next three days.

NO TIME!!!!! Ahhhh!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 14 (Meredith)

65 minutes
509 calories

I watched AFV while working out tonight. I laughed, I worked was not horrible.

(Tyly,I'm not sure what is wrong, but you are certainly in my prayers. I hope everything turns out okay for you and don't worry about apologizing at all.)

day 12: emily

57 mins
500 calories
bike and cardio

I saved this workout for Bachelor time, and it flew by! It was good to get back on the bike and do some hard cardio.

I feel good, but after this long weekend, it's going to be hard to go back to school tomorrow!

i'm sorry.

I'm so sorry that I haven't been keeping up my end of the bargain.  I have lost a lot of weight this week, but not in a healthy way.  Last Monday I weighed 161.6 lbs, and I now weigh 155.0 lbs.  Not eating will do that to a girl.  I'm not trying to do this.  I just can't eat right now.  I've tried.  This is horrible.  :-(

day 14: cassandra

59 minutes, 530 calories
P90X Plyometrics Video

Feeling awesome! Wasn't too motivated this morning, but I knocked it out anyway because I have to work tonight. I miss my workout buddy so bad! Kelly, come back to Arkansas!!! This sucks without you!

I was going to keep the T-shirt thing a secret, but I decided to go ahead and "come out" with it. Mostly because I need some ideas! I was thinking a simple black tee that we could wear while we work out or wherever, really. I think the website URL on the back would be awesome, but what should it say on the front? It'd be great if we could wear them and get people to ask us, "Hey! What's that all about?" I envision the masses joining us on our quest, that's all ;)


Sunday, January 18, 2009

need some info.


Please email me your mailing address and T-shirt size. Finishers of 500 a day for 30 days just might get a little somethin' special to keep them motivated for the next 30!


day 11: emily

65 minutes
moderate pace walking around Town Lake in Austin with my buddy Miki!

I forgot to put on my heart monitor strap today before our walk, but we had a lovely walk and I'm just going to say I burned 500. :)

It turns out that my killer workout on Friday was too much and I spent Saturday in pain! My legs were so sore that it hurt to walk. :( So, I took off yesterday and now I have to workout tomorrow and Tuesday and then take my day off on Wednesday, which is actually great because that's my trivia night and it's hard to squeeze in a workout.

I feel great! Catching up with a good friend + getting exercise in this lovely 78-degree weather=fabulous.

day 13: cassandra


Only burned 396 calories today and it took 1 hour and 17 minutes!!!! 

Here's why: 
The only class offered today was a strength training class. Snooooooze! But I went anyway and it was so boring. Lots of isolation moves, resistance, ab work, etc. Not so good for the heart rate, but great for muscle sculpting. After class, I did the elipitcal for as hard as I could for 10 minutes and then realized I had been at the gym for over an hour already and I just wanted to GET OUT OF THERE! 

I decided to go ahead and leave because I was getting in a bad mood and the results from weight-lifting last with you all day. So...I'm actually burning calories as I sit here while my muscles "heal." Whatever. 396 is better than nothing. 

I feel: 
Good! I so needed those two days off and now I'm back in the game! 

Sorry ladies-

I may be too bad of a blogger for this game! I am so sorry!! Been working out like a fiend, but always forget to post. :( Bad, bad Rachel. I feel just awful for my lack of upkeep. I haven't posted all week, should I just stop? It's up to y'all! Either way, I'll be working out and keeping up with your progress!!!

day 11 & 12: kelly

Workout day 11:
Cardio Dance Party
564 calories
52 minutes

It was great to get my workout over with early in the day because we spent the rest of the afternoon in the car on our way to Dallas to see my family. I am now on 'vacation' and making the 500 still happen! Go me! Dance party was SOOO not as fun without my partner Cassandra there though. :( ha.

Workout day 12:
Neighborhood walk/jog/sprint
645 calories
53 minutes

I went running through my brother's really nice neighborhood and enjoyed looking at all of the pretty houses. Somehow I managed to get myself slightly lost at one point and had to be 'that girl' that stopped and asked a man in his yard how to get back to where I was supposed to be. Haha. Retard! But I finally found my way back home. That's why I had so many calories...I was lost & underestimated how long it would take me to find my way back. My hubby even offered me the GPS before I left the house, so you know I heard about that when I got back and told them my story. Oh well, I was still proud of how much I actually jogged & sprinted. It's been forever since I've sprinted at all, so yay for that.

Now, we are enjoying time with the family & I'm super happy that it's finally a rest day! :)

ok, seriously.

I'm back on the wagon today. For real. I'll post later. For now, I'm enjoying my lazy Sunday morning. 

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 13 (Meredith)

>500 calories
68 min

I walked/jogged. It wasn't too bad. I'm sure that I burned more than 500, but I had already started walking before I realized that I didn't have my heart rate band on. :/ Instead of stopping, I just kept going until the treadmill told me I had burned 500.

Hope everyone else is doing okay! :)

so i'm taking today off, too.

Hate to be a loser, but...I'm resting today. Two days in a row. Sorry!!

I have no excuses, really, other than this week has wiped me out and I'm lazy. There. That's all there is to it. It doesn't help that I missed the only class offered today because I was "nannying" at the butt crack of dawn. Tomorrow, though, there is a class at 2 p.m. And if I don't make that class, then please, by all means, berate me.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend as much as I am. I'll get out of this lazy funk soon. In fact, I bet I'll be out of it by tomorrow at 2 p.m.

I'm confused. (Meredith)

Maybe I just have too much time on my hands, but I've noticed that one of the polls on the right received 8 votes, yet we have 7 contributors to the blog. there a mysterious 8th person out there? :) Or, am I just over analyzing something that has a simple explanation?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 12 (Meredith)

64 min
511 calories

Workout: Yeah, I'm not proud of my time, but at least I did it. :) I actually split my workout into two parts with about a 30 min rest in between. I'm not sure that it was any easier with the rest, but I wanted to see how I would feel.

Notes: My feet hurt less, which is great because they were really in pain for a while there. You still won't catch me dead in heels, though. :)

it's settled then!

OK, ladies, from now on, it's three days ON, one day OFF. 

And coincidentally, today is my day off. Woohoo! 

No cheating now, ya hear? :)

I'll be back tomorrow with Day 13! 

i'm back! day 10: emily

After three days of dragging myself through the school day then crashing into bed as soon as I got home, I'm finally feeling alive again. It felt great to workout again today, and I busted through it! My fastest time yet!

49 minutes
509 calories

Alternating bike and Jillian cardio moves while watching tv

I feel great!! I want to do the 60 days. In fact, I want to keep this up as long as I can. I don't want it to be over, and for me to go back to not working out at all. But, I would like to do the three days on, one off. It's hard for me to go that long without rest, and I don't think it's necessarily good for our bodies.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

day10: kelly

Cardio Dance Party (our fave)
604 calories
53 minutes

I feel:
Slightly sore, but stronger. Is it just me, or is anyone else feeling slightly 'fatter' now that you've been working out than you did before? Maybe now it's just that I notice my flubby more because I really want it to disappear...and it's failing to do so, fast enough. I won't lie, it's a little disheartening, but I'm willing to hang in there because of the professionals. The professionals say it takes about 2 weeks of this type of working out to get your metabolism going right and to start seeing real results. That just seems like way too long for me and for how hard I feel like I'm working at this. I am eating healthier, consuming less sugar, and getting more than 500 calories burned a day. Please, please, please make this stuff worth it!! Cuz I REALLY want some cookies & it's really hard to say no to the tub of dough in the fridge. Ughhh to being so 'good'. :)

I plan on getting tomorrow's workout done in the morning so it will be out of the way and this weekend will be kicked off right. I'm going to Dallas with my hubby to see my family & hope that I can still be a 'good' girl while I'm there. I'm going to have to force myself into a workout on Saturday and Monday. I'll try to keep you updated on how working out on the road goes. Wish me luck! :)

day 10: tyly.

Cardio and weight combo 

Calories Burned:

I took it easy on myself today.  I was going to go to the Zumba class, but it was too cold to leave my house!  I was being a baby.  :-)  I just worked out at home until I hit my 500.  I have gone over 500 every day until today, which is a little disappointing, but I deserve to take it easy for a day!  At least that's what I'm telling myself so I don't feel guilty!  :-)  

Rest day! (Meredith)

Taking my rest day today. Much needed. :)

go to the polls!

Please vote on the two polls listed to your right. Soon. Thanks. 

day 12: cassandra

57 minutes, 513 calories
Cardio Dance Party

I feel: 
Great, except for my leg. I think I have suffered my first official workout injury. It's still my right calf. It does ok during the day, but once I start working out, it KILLS me after about 30 minutes. 

Concerning 500 a day for 60 days, I am thinking that should we embark on a new adventure, it should be done a bit differently. Instead of 6 days straight with only one rest day (on Sunday), I think we should do three days on, one day off. That way, you get more of a break, your body has more time to "heal," and your rest days are not always on the same day -- which is getting kind of old. I also recommend three days on, one day off because that's what Crossfit does and they are pretty much the pinnacle of workout perfection. So...maybe that will change/affect your vote on the poll?

Day 11 (Meredith)

60 min
500 calories

You can't even begin to imagine how much I didn't want to work out when I came home today. I sat my little butt down on the couch and watched Jumper while eating an (entire) bag of popcorn. I could feel the elliptical looking at me, and I didn't care! I was going to take my darn day off early.

But, after the popcorn...and after the movie...I just felt blah. I didn't want to keep being a couch potato, I didn't want to work, and I certainly didn't want to clean. So, oddly, I ended up working out. And, it wasn't so bad.

And I still have my day off. Woohoo!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

day 9: kelly

Plyometrics with 3 weird dudes & a chick (through the tele) @ Cassandra's casa in her workout garage. We jammed out to some rockin' tunes and made the best of the pain they were putting us through. We've decided it was WAY more fun than the stupid dreadmill though and plan on making it a twice a week, self workout filler. Yay for that.

640 calories
59 minutes

We were both VERY close to not doing a workout today, but we decided to be strong and both feel so much better for it. Her headache disappeared, my cramps said adios, and we were both in high spirits as the ticker ticked down to zero on the tele. It was fabulous. And, now we've made it back to Thursday where we get to Dance Party again! Woo-hoo! :)

P.S. I will admit that several of the exercises the crazy man wanted us to do were too much, so we improvised and threw in a little ghetto booty dancin' of our own to fill the time. Might as well have fun with it right? And our heart rates definitely didn't budge, so it was a totally legit substitution, haha. At least that's how we felt anyways. :)

day 11: cassandra

I bet Kelly hasn't even made it home yet! She and I just got done working out in my garage. Good times! 

59 mins, 523 calories 
P90X Plyometrics DVD

How do I feel?
So much better! Unfortunately, I am wide awake and it's nearly 11 p.m. Oh well, at least I worked out. I was feeling so tired and lazy and cold and thankfully Kelly came over and motivated me! Thanks, girl! 

We've decided that the P90X Plyo DVD will now replace the horrible "on our own" workouts we've been doing at the gym when there's no class available. 

Keep on truckin' ladies! 

day 9: tyly.

"No Whining" boot camp class

Calories Burned:

It's odd how different people's heart rates are.  I work out with a friend at the boot camp class, and she burned over 800 calories!  We have noticed that her heart rate is always going way faster than mine.  What's odd to me is that she is smaller and more fit, so I assumed my heart rate would be quicker, you know, because it's harder for my heavier, not quite as fit self to keep up!

You Polar watch wearers know that on Mondays it has a weekly workout summary ready for you.  It was so nice to finally have mine say something other than a big, fat zero!  It has had a zero on it every Monday for months!  I finally put it to use last week!  YAY!

I want to try a Zumba class, but the timing is bad.  I only get to see James from 6:00-6:45 every day.  That's it.  He's either at school, basketball practice, or the gym during every other time of the day.  He doesn't get home until after 9:30 every night, and this girl is in bed by then!  The class is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:30, and I would much rather do that than the treadmill!  It seems like so much fun, and I have been trying to find a fun dance class to join for a good calorie burning workout.  I know James would be fine with me taking the class, but I don't think I am willing to not see him at all on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  I may have to stick to the treadmill.  :-(

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 10 (Meredith)

64 min
524 cal

I am just glad that I'm done with this and I still have an hour or so of my evening left. Off to shower and relax.


day 8: tyly.

5.0 miles on the treadmill

Calories Burned:

The Bachelor + the treadmill = not too bad of a workout!  I must admit, when the ladies were lounging poolside in their bikinis, I had to crank up my speed a little bit!  Lol.  Their fit bodies provided some great motivation!

I love watching the show, but geez, sometimes it's painfully awkward!  I can't believe how desperate some of them come off!

Another rest needed: emily

I'm feeling so crappy. I felt better last night, but worse today. I'm not going to push myself and get more sick, so I'm taking today off. I know I haven't been 100% true to the plan, but I will still be doing my 30 days! And I think I'm going to get so used to burning 500 cals at a time that I will find it hard to settle for less. I hope... Ok, back to laying down.

p.s. There are sooo many sick kids at school! I'm not shocked that I caught something.

day 9: kelly

Cardio Dance Party
53 min.
560 calories
I feel:
Sore from yesterday's muscle isolation exercises. My thighs are on fire from all the squats we did. Can I take back my previous statement about 'enjoying' soreness? haha. I'm so sore, that I move along like a 70-year-old lady. It's funny. I really need a shower, so off I go! Gotta figure out what tomorrow's workout has in store for me!

Got a couple new pieces of workout clothing this weekend & wore my Yoga capris & Arete workout top for the first time today. Felt stylish & comfortable doing our little dances, haha. Oh yea, and last week, I got a new pair of tennies. They fitted me for a running shoe & I ended up going with the Asics GT-2140 & they are super-comfortable! Nice & cushiony!

day 10: cassandra

Easy day today!

54 mins, 506 calories
Cardio Dance Party class/a few minutes on the treadmill

Severe pain in right leg/calf. Not sure what to make of this or how to fix it. I just hope it's not paralyzing enough to keep me down tomorrow.

Still lovin' this blog and so proud of us!

Day 6: Rachel

Walk / jog 90 minutes = 640 calories. Fell behind some this weekend, just gotta pick myself up again and get moving. Got my new ipod in the mail and am loving my new workout playlist!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Fitness Magazine says: emily

I read in my Fitness Magazine that trainers and doctors consider 300 calories burned in a session to be "weight loss zone". So look at us at 500!

Day 9 (Meredith)

55 min
505 calories

I actually did something other than the elliptical. hooray! What a nice change.

I netted 1300 calories today, which is low. I did really well on breakfast and lunch but flubbed a little on dinner (mac and cheese--yummm!). Oh well. I'm not going to beat myself up about it.

day 9: cassandra

Everything about Day 9 equated to a recipe for disaster, but I got it done despite the many insurmountable obstacles. Ha! 

Busted iPod + no workout partner + no time + no class to go to = SUCK! 

52 mins
507 calories

I did the treadmill and the elliptical. I was in a hurry and I really didn't think I was going to get all 500, but I managed. I punched it out super hard at the end to get from 400 to 500. As soon as I hit it, I had to leave the gym immediately and get ready to go to work. And my iPod was acting weird (i.e. wouldn't work at all) so that was a big bummer. Oh well, it's done. Tomorrow will be better. 

day 9: emily

52 minutes
504 calories

After 400 calories on my bike, I wanted to do something different to bust out my last 100. So, I pulled out some of the cardio moves I learned from my Jillian Michaels DVD. It was awesome!! I did them while watching The Bachelor, and it felt amazing. I was kicking and punching and running in place, all while watching these dumb girls throw themselves at (hotttt) Jason.

I feel... fabulous! I still don't feel 100% health-wise, and when I got home, I just wanted to take a nap and veg all night. But I didn't take a nap, and I worked out harder than I have in days! I feel so much better now. I think even if I'm not feeling great, I need to still workout because I usually end up feeling better.

Great start to the week. I'm off to read the other posts on here.

weekly weigh in: tyly.

Last Week:                                      This Week:

Weight: 165.2 lbs                            Weight: 161.6 lbs
Body Fat: 31.3 %                             Body Fat: 29.7 %
Muscle Mass: 49.6 %                     Muscle Mass: 47.3 %
Bone Mass: 8.3 %                           Bone Mass: 8.1 %
Body Water: 46.3 %                       Body Water: 47.5 %

I don't really get how my muscle mass went down when I have been using my muscles more. And my bones weigh less?  Lol.  Those aren't the numbers I'm concerned with anyway!  It makes sense (and is a good thing!) that my water went up.  I have been drinking waaay more water!  

The main ones I'm concerned with are the weight and body fat, and both of those went down!!  Week 1 was a victory for me!

day 7: tyly.

walked 0.85 miles 
ran 3.15 miles

Calories Burned:

I Feel:
Good!  Running is so much easier for me outside!  Running on the treadmill is much more difficult, and I am so much slower.  Not that I'm fast outside, but you know what I mean!  I'm also happy, because the work I am putting into my body is paying off! 

day 8: kelly

Cardio Combo Class (Step aerobics, free weights, ab work mixture)
550 calories
53 minutes

I feel:
Like a limp noodle. My muscles are still feeling 'worked', which makes me kinda happy. Kinda weird that I like the feeling of soreness? I guess it makes me feel like I've really worked it out good. Wasn't as interesting as usual because I went by myself, but it was still better than coming up with my own workout :).

Cass & I are planning on Dance Partying again at 9:30 tomorrow morning. Yay! Fun & with friends which is much better that without! :)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

day 8: emily

36 minutes
200 calories

No, I didn't do all of my calories and right now, I don't care! I feel crappy. I don't know if I'm sick, or it's just cedar allergies. I thought it was allergies (and maybe it is), but my throat hurts, my head hurts, and I keep sneezing. Is this allergies? I slept a lot today and I plan to go to bed early. Not a good start to the work week. :/

I hope to be better tomorrow and I'll do a harder work out. I'm not going to beat myself up about bad days, because it only discourages me.

Day 8 (Meredith)

65 minutes
511 calories

Workout Summary: The elliptical does the job but is becoming quite dull. I am going to explore some other options soon.

Notes: I am ready to start my healthier eating quest tomorrow. I'm fully prepared to say no to sweets and fried foods. Wish me luck.

day 6: tyly.

1.0 mile on the elliptical
4.0 miles on the treadmill

Calories Burned:

I Feel:
Great! Bring on playoff football! I live for Sundays like today!! I am really nervous about our game, but I have faith in my Steelers. Ok, ok - onto workout talk...

I took it easy today. I did 5 miles, but I was only going at a 3.5 speed. I wanted to take it easy but still burn my calories. Mission accomplished! Besides, I'm sure I'll burn tons of calories while jumping up and down and screaming during my Steelers' game today! I know I won't be able to sit for one second of it!

James' basketball games have been moved to Wednesday this week, but that's the day of my boot camp class! He knows how dedicated I am to getting in shape, so he told me to go to my boot camp class. I feel bad though, because I want to see how his boys do, and I enjoy watching his games! Ugh. Go figure that they both start at 5:30, so there's no way to go to both.

I have been feeling much better about myself lately. Because I have been working out and eating both way less and way better, I don't feel sluggish and heavy all the time. I'm positive that I'm going to see some sort of loss on the scale tomorrow morning! I've been good and have resisted weighing early. I'll let you know how it goes!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rachel: I flaked today.

Sorry ladies, sorry blog, sorry to my giant ass- I got kinda sad this evening and when the choice between margaritas and making my 500 came, I chose margaritas. Tommorrow I am back in the game, just give me a one night pity party.

And I am ashamed of myself.

And I will step up the game big time tomorrow and Sun and Mon will equal to 750 calories to play "catch up".

Lost the battle, but will win the war!!!

day 7: emily

57 minutes
500 calories

Today's workout was great. After taking that much-needed rest day yesterday, I was ready to go today. At 400 calories, I jumped off and I was going to do 100 calories of jumping jacks, but it seemed like it was going to take forever! It did get my heart rate up, though. I might try it to jump start one of my workouts another time.

We went to San Antonio for my grandfather's 90th birthday party and it was fabulous. I ate some snack foods which were okay, but I also indulged in 2 pieces of birthday cake! Oops. Sweets are my weakness. But, I'm also not drastically changing my eating other than not going out to eat a ton, which we've done great with so far.

We're about to eat and go see "Gran Turino". Can't wait!

I'll be ready to work out tomorrow. Still loving my Polar watch!

Day 7 (Meredith)

57 min
505 calories

Workout Summary: Today was rough. I ate a bunch of snack foods throughout the day (while watching football), so I wasn't adequately prepared to workout, but I did it anyway. I felt very weak during the workout and I vowed to eat better for tomorrow.

Notes: I haven't been "watching what I eat" at all, really. I think I took the original plan to not drastically change our eating habits to heart and have not worried about what I've been putting into my mouth. I figure now is the time to pay more attention to food, though. It's been a week, I've transitioned into working out, and now I need to step the health quest up a notch to include eating better. So, back to the food diary method I go. That seems to be the only way that works when I try to eat better. When I can see what I'm putting into my body in the form of numbers and percentages, it's much easier for me to say no to the pizza, hamburger, french fries, etc. So, that's the plan. I'm still a member of, so that's what I'll be using to keep track.

I hate that I can't take Sunday off. Blah. However, I am excited to go shopping for some good-for-me food. :)

day 8: cassandra

Yup, today sucked.

I was super tired and not in the mood because it's Saturday.

502 calories in 58 minutes
Treadmill, elliptical, weights combo

How I feel:
Tired, exhausted, drained, glad it's over and even more glad tomorrow is a rest day. My body is screaming for one. Calf still hurts, too. I didn't eat enough "fuel" for the workout and started getting nauseated on the elliptical. Thought about quitting, but saw it through. It sucked.

Just looking forward to tomorrow. Hallelujah!!

day 6: kelly

Today's Workout...a plethora of things:
1.5 miles on the "dread"mill
(5 min. walk, 10 min. jog, 4 min. walk, 1 min. run to keep heart rate up)
Free weight (8 lb) exercises with yoga ball--> focus: bicep, tricep, shoulders, abs
Crossfit Triple Threat: 25 squats, 25 pushups, 25 sit-ups done quickly
Ab-work with Yoga ball (200 reps in all)
1/4 mile walk around indoor track

Calorie Count: 610
Time: 53 minutes

I feel:
Happy that tomorrow is Sunday, but like I may actually miss working out a little bit. Although, I know Monday will come soon enough and then we will all have another round of 6 straight days of great 500+ calorie workouts to look forward to. My body will probably be very happy about getting a break. I have to admit that I am surprisingly not as sore as I would have expected to be or have been in the past after such workouts. I LIKE THIS!

Secret hopes:
Even if I don't lose pounds, I hope to shrink a few inches in target problem areas, to be able to stand strong against candies & chocolates (cuz I am IN LOVE with them!), to lay off of the oh-so-delectibly-terrible-for-you Coca-Cola products, look hotter in my lingerie ;), sweat off any face blemishes (like pimples), not feel this rollover tubby flub on my stomach when I sit down, and not bulge at my jean seams. Now, I don't think that's too much to ask, do you?! haha. :)

Okay, so maybe my eyes are kinda big for only the first 6 days to be over with, but I'm hopeful and that's what keeps me going! :)

day 5: tyly.

4.0 miles on the treadmill

Calories Burned:

I Feel:
Great! It is only 10:30 am, and my workout is already done! I wish I was able to workout in the mornings every day. I love starting my day with it and not having to worry abut squeezing it in! I ran a little less than yesterday, and it shows in the calorie burn. I did .5 miles more, yet I burned 30 less calories. I'm not worried about it, though. James and I are going to The Olive Garden with another couple tonight; it was their idea, not ours! We are both working really hard at our fitness right now. It's ok though, because I have already researched their calorie information online, and we already know what we are ordering! I love being prepared. I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Change of plans (Meredith)

Like Emily, yesterday was a no-go for me. :(

I was very sad about it, but it definitely couldn't be helped. I was visiting my brother in the hospital from 7:00 - 7:00. Two hour drive there and back. Not in the mood or physically able to do much of anything when I returned home (at 9:00). I'm really not trying to make excuses, I promise.

So, I'm going to use yesterday as my "rest day" and workout on Sunday (like Emily!). :)

Also, just by being out of town for one day, I missed a ton of posts! lol. You people are so busy-it's great! I'm so proud of us!!!

Rae: Fallin' short on Day 6

The thing about trying to get the dogs healthy and in shape is that in addition to my own body and fitness parameters, I also have to listen to theirs! And yesterday, the girls were not feeling the run, which reallly was a bummer because I felt great and was ready to run harder and farther than ever!

In the end I got one hour of run/walk for 432 calories. I intended to run more later or do some other cardio workout, but it never happened. So, I think I will count yesterday as an "active rest" day and keep on trucking.

Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm going to have to switch: emily

There is no way I am going to work out today. After school, I came home and took a much-needed nap. Since then, I've been working on this slide show I am showing tomorrow at my grandfather's 90th birthday party. So, I have decided that I'm going to take today as my rest day and work out on Sunday. I'm a little upset that I can't stick to the plan, but it's all going to be the same in the end.

day 4: tyly.

3.5 miles on the treadmill

Calories Burned:

I Feel:
Great! I burned a lot more calories today than I did yesterday, because today I included running. Yesterday I did the exact same distance while walking at a fast pace and only burned 530 calories! I'm really happy, because I have found my determination again. I know that this time I am for real, and there is no stopping me! I can't wait to be as fit as I was this summer. I'm a long way off, but at least I'm headed in the right direction!

day 7: cassandra.

Seven days! I can't believe it! 

I made the mistake of getting on the scale today since it has been a full week. I've gained a pound. Wtf?? I figured I must have at least lost some inches or body fat -- and I did! I lost 1 inch around my chest (under the armpits) and one inch around my hips. I also dropped 1% body fat. Husband got annoyed by me and told me not to do this again until the end of the 30 days. He's right. I did feel super discouraged when I saw I gained a pound...but happy about the other stuff. I really do need to be patient. 

54 mins, 523 calories
Cardio Dance Party class and three laps around the indoor track

I feel: 
So, so tired. I think my body is screaming for a rest day. I'd like to take one tomorrow, but I feel the need to stick to the plan. My arms and legs are very heavy. Body is tired, but spirit is great. 

Like Kelly, I would have already stopped if I was doing this alone. I am so, so glad everyone is sticking to the plan. It makes it so much easier for me to be motivated!! So, thank you. Might by some new shoes this weekend, too. Oh, and you teachers are way more impressive than I am. You guys are doing the hardest job on Earth all day AND keeping up with your workouts. That is amazing!

day 5: kelly

It's early in the day & I'm already done with my workout today! That feels GOOOOD. I have to admit that working out in the morning seems to be slightly more challenging to my mind and body, but it's nice to have it over with already. That in turn resulted in fewer calories burned than usual, but I still hit the mark, so I guess that's all that matters.

Booty Shakin' = 54 minutes
1/4 mile jog on the indoor track = 2 1/2 minutes
504 calories total

I feel:
Heavy in my lower half. It was TOUGH to get my legs moving during class this morning. I put all I had into it though. I might have to start training my mind to enjoy waking up and getting going earlier in the day. I'm usually a late riser & definitely NOT a morning person. I also feel healthier than usual, which makes me happy. I'm also impressed with my dedication to this so far. Usually I have the history of making it to this mark and I usually start falling back into my slumpy routine around now. NOT THIS TIME! I'm inspired by this blog & glad I joined in.

Day 5: Rachel

30 minutes intense cardio kickboxing = 252 calories
60 minutes walk/jog = about 400 calories

I am a jogging fool and I love it! I haven't been able to run since I was 19 because usually my knees hurt too badly. Here's hoping I can keep it up.

I went another route than the polar monitor. However, I may pick one up soon just for fun! I got the Nike-Ipod thing. You put it in your shoes (brand new Nike shox- my 1st pair ever!!! so excited!!!) and then attach to your ipod and it transmits times, speed, distance and computes calories burned for runners! So cool! Ipod was shipped today, so hopefully by Sunday I will be all high-teched out!

I love new toys!! Getting ready to lace up the new tennies and blast through Day 6!! I feel great- of course, I am on vacation and haven't had anything to do all week. Next week I will have classes again and slightly less free time for recovering (sleeping).

the live feed thing.

Has anyone noticed how many people come to visit us in here?! I love that! I've seen people from other countries stopping in! WOW!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

day 6: cassandra.

Can you believe tomorrow's workout will make a whole WEEK that we've stuck to the plan!? I am so impressed with us!

510 calories
Cardio Dance Party class

It was great! Kelly and I went up to the Community Center and shook our booties. I ended up burning488 in the class, so I then ran around the indoor track twice to hit 510. I kept telling Kelly during the class, "This is so much better than the treadmill!"

We are going back for the same class tomorrow morning. Yay!

How do I feel:
So, incredibly great. My husband has even noted my better, more positive attitude. It's so nice. I feel like I have some of my confidence back.

I was thinking about this earlier today. Meredith's picture put this thought into my head: For all us being in our upper 20s...we're really not too shabby. I think we should remind ourselves of that in the midst of jeans not fitting and seeing 19-year-old's in their teeny tiny bikinis on the beach. We're just not that young anymore! And for all that we've been through (teaching, military deployments, family drama, etc. etc.) I'd say we're not that bad off. I'm sure individuals suffering from severe obesity would look at this blog and just roll their eyes and call us crazy for thinking that we "need" to lose weight. I think this blog has become more than just about weight loss, though, hasn't it?

Meredith's picture was taken almost five years ago. FIVE YEARS AGO she was 21, not 15, not 10. That was just an eye-opening moment for me. We are not kids. We are WOMEN with hips and husbands and jobs and bills and for what it's worth -- I think we're doing quite well.

day 4: kelly

Shake that @$$, watch yourself, show me what you're workin' with!
That's what Cassandra & I did in our Cardio Dance Party class we took tonight. It was hilarious & a fun time. That's why we're going again at 9:30 in the morning! It's SOOOO much better than that dreadful treadmill!

Calories Burned:
640 (still countin' high for me?)

I feel:
Sore in my calves (still), happy I got to dance tonight, & in need of a good, husband-delivered shoulder massage. :)

day 6: emily

56 minutes
503 calories

My Polar watch is here and I love it! There was about a 60-calorie difference between what my machine was saying and what my watch said. And, like Tyly, I trust the watch more since it goes with my heart rate.

Also, I probably missed some calories because for a little while, my watch just stopped counting calories because it thought my heart rate was too high. So, I made the adjustments like everyone else and it was fine.

I feel really good, although my throat is a little sore and I REALLY hope I'm not getting sick. Saturday is my grandfather's 90th birthday party in San Antonio and I have to finish putting together a slide show for it tomorrow night. No time to get sick.


So is he still with us? Just curious...

Day 6 (Meredith)

56 min
524 cal

Workout Summary: The hardest one yet. I am exhausted.

I feel: Okay. Feet still hurting. Neck is sore (?), and legs are sore.

Off to shower and sleep. Soooo tired.

day 3: tyly.

3.5 miles on the treadmill

Calories Burned:

I Feel:
Good!  I have a goal date in mind now: April 4.  That's the date of the appointment when I get fitted for my wedding dress!

Rachel wants abs please.

My first goal is to be as fit as I was in June. I somehow forgot to go the gym this Fall and gained about 20 lbs!! I haven't wanted to wear a bikini in public for a long time. Headed to run, so bring on the bikinis!!!

Second goal is shrinking and firming my lower half, but gotta start somewhere!!!

polar watches: cassandra

I think Polar should pay me for selling 5+ watches for them. Just sayin'.

Day4: Rachel

Trying to get ready for a 10k in March, so lots of jogging going on here. Break through yesterday in my speed- I was able to step it up a few notches and move faster than snail for a bit!

Two hours in the park, but spent a bit of time letting the ladies swin in the bay. So, I will say 90 minutes of walk/jog = about 600 calories.

I think the online caluculator may run a little high, so I am underestimating- but it's hard to know! I may go check out heart rate monitors today. I have to go to Academy anyway, momma needs some new shoes!

finally: emily

My Polar watch arrives today! I am so excited. I never thought a item related to working out would make me so happy.

I plan to use it tonight while the national championship bowl game is on. I got a great night of sleep last night and I'm in a much better mood today. :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

my wannabe again picture: emily

I couldn't find a full-body shot, but here's one I like. If I tried to wear this shirt right now, the buttons would all pop off! I was 28 here. Only two years ago! I could search for a picture from my early 20's, but Matt says I was TOO skinny then. I'd opt for that right now!

had to play along: kelly

I know I just posted, but I saw other people started getting in on the pre-pic blogging, so here is mine. This is what I hope to have once again. I am only dressed this ridiclously because I was going to a 70's theme party, so don't worry about my attire. I promise, it'll never happen again :).

This was in August 2004, so 4.5 years ago while I was still in college and lookin' & feelin' FINE. haha. Oh, I can't wait to be back to that stomach & a size 6! GRRR.

weighing yourself: how often?

How often are you planning on weighing yourself?  Are you waiting the full 30 days?  I know I won't be able to wait that long, especially after seeing a such a horrendous number the last time I weighed in!  I am very anxious to see some change, and it keeps me motivated.  I am a weekly weigher myself; I will be weighing every Monday.  Would you all prefer that I don't post my weigh ins each week and wait for the final number, or would it be ok if I included it in my Monday posts?  I'm ok with it either way!

day 3: kelly

I woke up sore in my shoulders and 'on fire' soreness was happening in my calves from kickboxing last night. Whew! It was ROUGH getting through our gym workout today, but I am proud of myself. Several times when I was on the machines, I wanted to cut a couple minutes off of my goal time, but I struggled and pushed through and am happy about that.

4 min. walk on treadmill for warmup
6 min. jog
10 min. bike ride @ 8 resistance (probably wussy, but all I could do...haha)
10 min. elliptical with 8 resistance and 10 incline (that Shannon pointed out to me...maybe that's why it burned so bad? ha.)
4.5 min. of walking cool-down on treadmill

At this point, I had hit my 500 mark. I changed my Polar to 'hard' and it still kept on with the high cal numbers compared to Cassandra's. Kinda weird, & I still can't figure out why they are so different. Except for my high heart rate...? Don't know why it's so high. I'm really not THAT unhealthy! I hope it's just genetic or something and not something serious.

I was at about 560 cals about to walk out of the gym when my husband finally showed back up from the weight room and dragged me into the cardio room where all of the yoga mats and balls are. He forced, yes, practically forced me (with a guilt trip) to join him in an ab workout. So, safe to say, my stomach is also super-sore. Can't wait for the cardio dance party class tomorrow afternoon though! It's gonna be fun to get to shake my booty for the workout, instead of this painful gym stuff. haha. I made it through day 3 though! Woo-hoo!

I also ate really well for lunch today. For my first time ever, I ate cold and uncooked broccoli with fat free ranch and then had a perfectly portioned grilled chicken caesar salad from my own kitchen! It's craziness, but I'm opened my mind up to changing my lifestyle and I'm loving it! Won't lie by not saying that the huge Hershey Kiss in the cabinet isn't calling my name...cuz it is. And I want it oh-so-badly.

day 2: tyly.

"No Whining Allowed" boot camp class at the recreation center, followed by an abs class.

Calories Burned:

I Feel:
More determined than defeated, and that's a very good thing.  I felt a lot better leaving class this time than I did the last.  The last time I left I was very down in the dumps and disappointed with myself.  I didn't do any better physically this time (it was tough!), but my mindset is better.  I'm almost over the "poor me, I suck" hurdle.  I'm working on leaving behind the self pity and having more of a "you did this to yourself.  suck it up and get your fat ass moving!" kind of attitude.  Harsh?  Probably, but it's the truth!  I did this to myself, but at the same time, I know can undo to damage done!  I just have to keep this level of determination. Self pity does me no good.

Be prepared to hurt e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e tomorrow.  My arms and legs feel like wet noodles.  My abs are tired.  We did everything from free weights to cardio to weight machines.

day #5: emily

Cassandra, I'm with you. Today sucked. I got maybe 4.5 hours of asleep last night (I guess I won't be working out from 8:30 to 9:30 anymore) and I have to be somewhere at 8 tonight. I didn't want to work out, it sucked, and I'm sore and more tired.

63 minutes
500 calories

day 5: cassandra.

The best thing about this workout is that it's over! I knew it would stink. And it did.

Thankfully, I had Kelly, Chad, and Shannon M. to work out with. Then, while we were at the gym, Shannon J. joined us. There were my ONLY motivation. I so wanted to quit around 300 calories in. I know this is quite contrary to yesterdays' post. The reason is because my lack of sleep has caught up to me. I was so exhausted this morning and the thought of sweating and an intense workout was just...ugh. No more caffeine after lunch time for me!!

502 calories in 53 minutes.
Treadmill, eliptical, bike combo.

I feel:
Better now that it's over. I so much prefer classes over this whole "do-it-yourself" thing. Ugh! I am also experiencing a lot of soreness in my feet (bad shoes, still need to buy new ones) and I believe I pulled/strained something in my right calf during last night's kickboxing class. It hurts to run and now after today's workout, it hurts to walk!

My body is feeling quite fatigued five days in. I hope it doesn't shut down on me. It can't. It won't. Tomorrow is Cardio Dance Party and I can't wait to see how many calories I burn while shaking my a** for a straight hour.

this is what i want: cassandra.

As usual, I can't sleep.

So here I am, reading blogs. I heart this blog.

This is what I want back. This was only a little over two years ago, during Aaron's first deployment. I want to wear those jeans again the way I am wearing them in this picture. I can get them on right now, sure, but they do NOT look like this. As of right now, I would never, ever wear them in public (or at home for that matter because they are so dang uncomfortable)! Muffin top, anyone?

Geez. I can't believe I once looked like this! And it wasn't even that long ago!! Bring it on, Day 5!!!!!

P.S. These are the jeans I took my "before" pictures in. Ugh.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

day 2: kelly

I was lucky enough to get to hook up with Cassandra for a kickboxing class this evening, and Sonia (the leader) kicked our butts. It was a little rough, but we survived through it and definitely burned off our 500. My Polar said I burned 724 cals to her 500-something in 56 minutes or so, but I think it's a hoax. Cass and I figured it might be because my watch was set on 'moderate' instead of 'hard', so I'm going to do my own experiment and see if it changes and matches hers after our workout tomorrow.

Kelly's tip: It's awesome having a workout buddy. If you don't have one, you need to try and find one. Enlist them into the program if you have to, but make them 'force' you to be active. It's so much easier & you feel double guilty about cancelling or saying 'no', ha.

Several times during the workout I felt like a limp noodle, but I kept kicking my butt into 'burn mode'. And man did it burn!! But, I feel good about it. At the end of the day, you can be proud of yourself while you are grabbing at your chubb, won't be here for much longer. Yea, that's right. Adios my little flubby pet that I have been feeding so generously for months and months. All I hope is that this process really does make it go away! :)

I feel: slightly sore in my shoulders and tummy (feels good though) & happy about my efforts. :)

day #4: emily

This blog is amazing! I'm so proud of all of us. I haven't read the latest posts yet, but I can see everyone with their reports. That's AWESOME.

Today I did:

59 minutes
16.49 miles
500 calories

Today was my hardest day (motivation-wise) so far. The kids came back today and even though it was a successful, productive day, I just wanted to go to bed early and skip working out. But I felt committed and I'm so glad I did it.

Still can't wait for my Polar watch!! Argh. The tracking system says it's in Austin so why isn't it at my house??! I can't wait to see how I'm really doing.

I feel so great!

Day 3: Rachel

70 minutes of walk/jog = 504 calories

Intended to do more, but legs hurt so badly. Soooooo badly. Plus, doggies fell behind ;)

Feel kinda like a failure, but I guess the walk/jog added up to more calories than I thought it had. It just wasn't as intense as the previous days.

Tomorrow my roommate and I are going to a cardio class together- which makes me feel a little better about the TWO grilled cheeses I had for dinner... at least it was with 2% cheese and whole wheat!


day 4: cassandra.

I squeezed it in despite being super busy today. What I am turning into?! It's the blog, people. If I didn't have accountability on here, I would have stopped this after Day One! 

Workout Summary
523  calories in 59 minutes and 14 seconds. I did another kickboxing class and this time I had Kelly with me! It was a great motivator! 

I feel: 
Great! I can't believe that I am actually looking FORWARD to working out now. I hope this is a lasting desire! In fact, I was kind of grumpy today because I had to wait to long to get my workout in. That there is progress alone! 

Tomorrow is going to be tough, too, as the classes I prefer are all in the evenings and I'll be working tomorrow night. Kelly and I are going to the gym tomorrow morning, but we've got to do our own workout (no classes). Ugh. 

The new season of The Biggest Loser came on tonight and my DVR didn't record it!!!! I'm a little mad about that...

Don't you all feel so much better about yourselves? Or is that just me?

day 1: tyly.

I actually have some exercise to report!  Yay!

Biggest Loser Boot Camp DVD
30 minutes on the treadmill

Calories Burned: 

The new Biggest Loser DVD was really neat, because it had people from the last 2 seasons, and those are the only ones I have watched.  It was neat to recognize them.  Heba (witch), Vicky (bigger witch) and Michelle (yay!) were in it while they were still filming the show.  It had Ali and Bernie from the season before.  I have to say that Ali looks amazing!  She seriously looks like a trainer.  I would never in a million years guess that she was ever overweight.  I've seen her in pictures and and on tv since she won the show, but it was different watching her on a workout DVD.  Her arms are so defined and muscular - that girl was cranking out boy pushups like it was no big deal!  And during the weights part, she was using double weights in each hand!  If I didn't know, I would have thought she was a trainer of some sort.  I am beyond impressed with what she has achieved.  She looks so good!

I am watching the start of the new Biggest Loser season, and WOW.  Those are the biggest contestants I have ever seen!  It's only the very beginning, so I haven't picked any favorites.

I feel good about my workout.  I still get bummed that I am so out of shape versus before.  Things are so much harder for me now, I can't do everything I used to be able to do, and that really frustrates me.  I just try to remind myself that when I first started the Couch-5K program, I was only running 60 seconds at a time.  I've come  long way since then.  Progress will come if I stick with it!

Day 4 (Meredith)

50 min.
507 calories

Workout Summary:
Regarding the Polar monitor: I turned the beeping off and changed it to "hard" and was able to cut about 15 minutes off of my workout time. yay! I kept glancing at it, and the little "slow down" arrow was blinking like crazy, but I just ignored it.
I got home from work at 4:30 with Subway. I ate, waited about 45 minutes, and then began my workout. I watched TV. Fun fun!

I feel:
All right. My feet are sore.

:) Day 5, here I come!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Day 2: Rachel

Sore. Did waaay too much yesterday. 1 hour and 20 minutes today. Did some kickboxing and some (ohh la la) cardio striptease. =520 cal.

Did I mention I was sore?

Looking at clothes that don't fit and ready for day 30. Missing my jeans...

Took before pics, yuck- may post with "After" pics, but not solo.

Keep on truckin'!


not off to a good start: tyly.

Wearing nothing but comfy sweats and baggy t shirts the past 2 weeks of vacation did me no favors.  I had no idea how bad it had gotten until I tried to wear my work clothes this morning!  This morning's weigh in and attempt at getting dressed was more than enough to let me know that healthy living is WAY overdue.

I must say that I truly, truly thought about lying about my weight.  That's how ashamed I am of it.  I really did consider shaving off a few pounds, but not only would that by lying to my friends, it would be lying to myself.  I'll just tell myself that it will be even more impressive of a loss when I'm back to where I want to be.   Gotta find something positive, right?  I'm seriously so embarrassed.  I had no idea it had gotten so out of hand.

Weight:  165.2 lbs
Body Fat:  31.3 %
Muscle Mass:  49.6 %
Bone Mass:  8.3 %
Body Water:  46.3 %

Ugh.  So there it is.

I did a really good job with my eating today, but the exercise didn't happen.  I know.  Initially I was planning to take Mondays off because of James's basketball games, but I was thinking about it earlier (while remembering my weight and wearing pants that are too tight), and I decided not to give myself that excuse.  My plan was to rush home after school, do my new Biggest Loser DVD, then go to James's games at 5:30.  No problem, right?  Well, I had a meeting for a child today that started at 1:00 and didn't end until 4:45!  Yes, a three hour and forty five minute meeting concerning ONE child!  So by the time I gathered all my things and ran out the door (does that count as exercise?), I barely made it to James's games on time!  The games start at 5:30, and both the A and B teams play (he coaches both).  Each game is 4 quarters long... so 8 quarters of basketball later, I am just now getting home at 9:00.  I am not about to start my routine of exercise, shower, blow dry and straighten my hair at 9:00!  9:00 is my bedtime!!  I'm sorry to let everyone down!  I tried hard, I promise!  On a positive note, I did not sit on the couch all day long.  Being at school definitely makes me way more active.

It can only get better from here, right?

welcome, kelly!

This is amazing! So many people kickin' bootie together! I love it!

Day 4 will be a challenge for me as I am "nannying" in the morning, then having to work at Sylvan tomorrow night. Ugh. Make sure I do it, people.

Here's to us!

day :3: emily

50 minutes (bike)
14.9 miles
402 calories burned

146 crunches
100 calories burned
(I got this calculation from this website. I'm assuming it's right, but no way of knowing without my monitor--which shipped today!)

I did NOT want to workout today! It was a long workday at school. We sat through hours of boring meetings and I had to stay later to get my own work done for tomorrow. I moved desks and furniture around, so I'm sure I also burned some calories there. But I worked out after grumbling to myself a bit and I'm glad I did.

I feel good now and I'm already tired. I haven't been sleeping well lately so I hope getting up early + a good early evening workout will help me sleep tonight!

Count me in on January 5th!

Well, I officially gave into my inner conscience and decided to get my butt off of the couch! I went and worked out today (Hallelujah!!)! The downward spiral is soon to turn itself upside down! God knows I need it too! I know how much of a struggle working out regularly is for me, so I'm counting on all of you to keep me motivated and to struggle through this process with me! I figure that a little public humiliation paired with an accountability system will be the only way I actually knock some weight off! So, here we go with the stats:

Weight: 153 (my all-time high...yuck!)
Height: 5'7"
Bust: 37
Waist: 30
Bicep: 12.5
Hip: 40 (WOW..haha)
Thigh: 23

I guess by all of those numbers, you can understand why my wedding dress was 'mermaid' style, hah.

I have a Polar watch also, and today's workout included the following to burn my first 500. And yes, I felt like spaghetti before I left the gym. It took 28 minutes of a run/walk on the treadmill to burn the first 375. Then I moved onto the elliptical for about 10 minutes and burned another 90 calories before I walked a 1/4 of a mile on the indoor track for another 7 minutes to get me the extra 35 to reach my goal. So, a recap: 500 calories took about 45 minutes. I, too, felt like quitting at the 200 cal mark. It was rough! Gotta go figure out what tomorrow's workout has in store for me! Thanks for letting me join in!

Day 3 (Meredith)

61 minutes
501 calories

I came home from work in a foul mood (copier was jamming, training was dull, too much to do, etc) and I jumped onto the elliptical without a second thought. I knew that I could convince myself to just eat dinner and feel sorry for myself, but I didn't want to go down that road. So, 1 hour later, I have met my daily goal. Yay!

My Polar watch is awesome, don't get me wrong. BUT, it doesn't allow me to really get moving. Whenever I feel like I'm working up a sweat, it starts beeping because I'm over my target heart rate. I still end up working up a sweat (tmi? sorry), but I don't get out of breath. I'm going to mess around with it this evening and make sure the settings are okay. I'm afraid that if I start a class (at our community gym) like kickboxing, my watch will beep me out of the room. lol. I could just turn the beeping off...but wouldn't that defeat the purpose of a heart rate monitor? I guess I feel like I could burn the calories much quicker if I could just go faster. But I don't want to hurt myself. Anyway.

Has anyone been adjusting their eating habits? I seem to be eating less (only slightly so), I think.

I feel:
Really good. :)

day #3: cassandra.

Well, as I said on facebook, I gave the Day 3 workout the stank eye and knocked it out before Will & Grace. I could NOT sleep last night and when Aaron's alarm clock went off around 6:30, I decided to hell with it -- and got up. This is crazy talk, people. I normally sleep in until well...I won't say.

My motivation? I have to work this afternoon so I can't go to any evening classes. That, and I knew you teachers (bless you) were all up, too. So, I ate some oatmeal and headed to Kickboxing.

Workout Summary: 512 calories in 57 minutes and 54 seconds. The class alone took care of about 450 calories, so I got on the eliptical for a few minutes afterward to hit the 500.

How do I feel? I feel great right now. But I've noticed that I always want to "crash" about 200 calories into every workout it seems. I think it's because I go all hardcore at the beginning and then tire myself out. My soreness has let up a bit, but I'm still a little tender in my hamstrings and biceps (those danged push-ups from Day One are still with me)!

Notes: (1) I need, need, need new workout shoes. The ones I have now -- which are about 4 years old, no big deal -- are giving me blisters!! And these are the best ones I have. So yeah. Need new shoes. (2) Also, classes (at least for me) are the way to go. It's hard to quit when you've got 10 other people working out with you. I would recommend that everyone look into your local community center and see what the prices are for classes/membership. I pay $120 for 6 MONTHS (yes, $120 total) and that's unlimited use of the entire facility. Check into it if you're having trouble being motivated.

Good luck, everyone!! And for you teachers -- I know you're tired, but you can do it! And you deserve a crown of jewels for doing what you do, by the way.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Day 1: Rachel

Got about five hundred calories, maybe in the 470's done today doing aerobics at home. I may have been a bit shy, but without a heart rate monitor it is hard to tell. What I ended at was 45 minutes of intense cardio kickboxing until way past fatigue.

Few lessons from Day 1:

I learned today to eat my breakfast before attempting to burn 500 calories or I will spend the next five hours in a coma watching Law and Order with a headache.

I also learned to walk the dogs before exercising lest it not happen at all.

I am tired, may have been a little overeager today and overdone the strength training moves, but no pain, no gain (or more fittingly "no lose"), right?

Trying to get amped for Day 2.

so yeah: emily

I am taking my rest day today, too. I NEEDED it. I am sore, and I haven't been sleeping well since we got back from vacation so I took a long nap today. I think this day off will help me rest up for 6 days straight of burning 500 cals--yikes!

Tomorrow is back to school (for the teachers, kids come back Tuesday) and we'll see how I do.

ahhhhhhh day.

Rest day.

I thought I didn't want it.

But I do. I so do.

Today is Aaron's birthday and a chocolate cake is going to be made. And I will eat it. Gotta live, right?

The nitty gritty: Rachel

weight: 146.6 (I have recently seen the scale read over 150, but I have been jogging all winter break, so I am back down a bit. I too laugh at the days when I hated being 135lbs!!)

waist: 30.2 inches My hips used to be this width!
hips: 42.5 :(
biceps: 11.1 practically nonexistent!
thighs: 24.6
bust: 35

Body Fat: 24.84 % Fat Weight: 36.5 pounds !!!
Lean Weight: 110.5 pounds
BMI 22.3

Now to get moving: exercise time! Thanks for letting me tag along!!!

welcome, rachel!

We have another joinee. Hello to Rachel!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

day #2: emily

65 minutes
16.22 miles
500 calories

I biked while watching One Tree Hill. I'm catching up on this season's episodes and WOW. Does anyone on the 500 plan watch this?? I just saw the episode where Q is shot. I loved him. How sad! I was biking in shock. But anyway...

I shaved off about five minutes from yesterday so I'm really glad about that. I think today's pace/intensity is one I can keep up with for a while. Watching a tv show/movie while working out is so nice for me. But I'll spice things up with my iPod sometimes, too.

I feel:
Rejuvenated. Today was easier than yesterday. At this point, I think I'm going to workout tomorrow, even though it's a rest day. I just don't feel right taking a rest after I only did the workouts for two days.

I, again, can't WAIT for my Polar watch to get here. I'm excited about seeing how many calories I'm really burning. I feel like it's more than 500, but I could be wrong.

welcome tyly and hayden!

As you can see, Tyly has joined us and so has Hayden -- our lone male voice in this quest. Perhaps he can offer us some interesting insight!

Power in numbers! I love it!