Tuesday, March 17, 2009

day 39: kelly

Cardio Dance Party
627 calories
53 minutes

I feel:
Like a real slacker in working out lately. I don't know why I'm not very motivated, but I'm not. A Coke and chocolate make me oh-so-happy lately...hmmph...who woulda thought?! Thank goodness that the housekeeper came this morning and forced me out of the house, or I would have probably just gotten out of bed not long ago. Sad and disturbing...but what can I say?

I had VERY little energy in the class and that always makes everything even more painful. I don't know why, but it was rough. My knees both decided to get mad at me too and started aching about halfway through. Not much I can do about that I guess. Despite all of the mixed emotions, at least I worked out, right?! ha.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

day 26: tyly.

Workout Summary:
"No Whining" boot camp class

Calories Burned:

I Feel:
Proud of myself for going, because I really didn't want to go out in the cold, rainy weather!

day 38: kelly

12 minutes of basketball with the hubby: 266 calories
55 minutes of circuit weight training in the 'man's gym'....mu hahaha: 602 calories
TOTAL: 868 calories...seriously

I feel:
Happy that both I and my husband both got ourselves dressed and out of the house on a NASTY day outside. It was work, but we both feel good about getting it done. It also makes us want to eat well today, so yay for us. I'm hoping that some weight training will help workout the mess of muscle-soreness I have in my right shoulder and neck. We'll see how it goes.

It was a long time to be at the gym, but it was kinda fun actually. I like feeling stronger. Guess that's it! Gotta go eat my salad & some hot homemade chili...MMMM :).

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

day 33: cassandra

Super proud of myself for getting out of my amazingly comfortable bed and hitting the gym...in the cold rain! I deserve something for that. I really do.

I could kick myself though for forgetting my heart rate monitor strap thingie!! I had to trust the machines for my calorie count and that totally sucked.

30 mins on treadmill: 235 calories
20 mins on elliptical: 200 calories

I'm gonna go ahead and say I hit my 500 because my heart rate was through the roof once I stepped off that elliptical machine. It took me about 10 minutes to cool down and have it beat normally again.

The treadmill was pretty amazing today. I ran for about 15 straight minutes -- and when I say "ran" I mean that I had it on 5.3 -- but still, that's better than it was 2 months ago when all this started. It's crazy how when you run, it's like you can literally feel the fat just falling off of you. I wish I could love running, but the truth is, I hate every second of it!

I am feeling very accomplished today and proud that I had the discipline to get out of that bed. If you've ever been in my bed, you would understand. :)

I guess I am way motivated this week because I want to break 150 so, so badly. I hope I can do it this week!

day 25: tyly.

Workout Summary:
3 mile walk with Max.

Calories Burned:

I Feel:
Glad that boot camp is on Wednesdays!  I am a bit bored of the walks, and it is pouring here!  Plus, boot camp is a major butt kicking!

day 32: cassandra

The weekly weigh-in proved not too devastating. I didn't gain anything but a few ounces, which is the good news, but I didn't lose anything either -- which is the bad news. Oh well. At least I'm not going backwards.

51 mins
523 calories
Cardio Dance Party

The workouts are getting kind of boring. I need to shake things up. I am thinking about picking up crossfit again...if I have the cajones...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

day 37: kelly

Cardio Dance Party
655 calories
52 minutes

I'm baaaaaack! It felt really good to workout this morning. It was a beautiful day outside, we got up early, and I had a lot of energy to waste (a direct result of my extreme laziness these past couple weeks). I really do like the feeling I get after a workout...it's just the getting dressed and getting to the gym thing that's challenging to me. Once I'm there, I'm fabulous. I hope I stick in there.

My knee didn't hurt at all today and I didn't have milk with my cereal which I think helped me not to have a terrible stomach ache like last time. Plus, the leader of the class did all of the fun, high-energy dances and it was great. Way to keep me interested, Krista! :)

Monday, March 9, 2009

days 23 & 24: tyly.

Workout Summary:
3 mile walks with Max.

Calories Burned:
485 & 505.

I Feel:
Like death is knocking at my door!  I have been so sick the last 2 days!  In fact, I am home right now, and I am not one to call in sick, ever.  My alarm went off, and I got up, but right then and there I knew there was no way I could make it through the day.  In fact, after calling in a sub and typing up lesson plans, I slept until after 12:00!  Anyone that knows me knows that I am up by 7:30 on the weekends.  Sleeping late like that isn't me at all.  I would much rather be active at school (especially now that the student is gone) instead of bored at home.  This stinks, but I know being at home to catch up on sleep and rest was the best choice.

To top it off, I weighed 144.6 this morning!!!!  My lowest ever!!!!  Normally I would have been jumping up and down and dancing all over the bathroom, but I barely mustered up a smile.  That's when you know I don't feel well!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

day 36: kelly (for thursday)

Cardio Dance Party
488 calories
54 minutes

It was:
Yucky. I had a stomach ache the whole way through and my knee caught fire about 4 songs in. It was quite miserable to say the least. I've now decided eating Arby's, drinking Dr. Pepper, and taking a vitamin prior to working out is a super-terrible idea. Who woulda thunk? ha.

I've really fallen into a deeeeeep slump with working out lately. My trip to Texas kicked it off and I've remained lazy since. I don't really know what it's going to take to get my workout spirits back up. Maybe a shining beacon of weight loss to come and take over and make up for what hasn't happened yet?! It's frustrating. (But I'm not quitting; I'm better than that.)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

day 22: tyly.

Workout Summary:
The norm: 3 miles with Max.

Calories Burned:

I Feel:
Very happy!  After my griping yesterday, I woke up at 148.0!  Not that I'm weighing myself every day or anything... that would be just obsessive and crazy!  ;-)  My "official" weigh in day is Monday, so we'll see if that number sticks (or goes lower!).  Also, I tried on the bikini last night (first time since the summer), and I was pleased!  Florida here I come!  :-)

PS - I am very proud of the fact that I walked my 3 miles this morning.  Usually Saturdays are pure laziness for me!  The longest walk I usually get in on a Saturday is from my couch to the fridge.  I am actually planning on taking Max again this afternoon/evening, so I may have 2 workouts on a Saturday!  Craziness!  :-)

Friday, March 6, 2009

days 20 & 21: tyly.

Workout Summary:
3 mile walks with Max.

Calories Burned:
510 & 490 (I guess I walked faster on day 20!)

I Feel:
A teeny tiny bit frustrated to be stuck at 149.0!  It has been a while since the number has budged!  One day I saw 148.8, but the next day was right back at 149.0.  I'm happy at this weight, but I would like to see it go down a bit.  I would really like to hit my summer low of 145.0, but I will say that I was working out a lot harder then.  Maybe I need to step it up?  Ugh.  I know I do, but I'm comfortable right now.  :-)  Even though the number hasn't changed, my clothes are fitting better and better... in fact my jeans are a bit too big!  Overall, I'm a happy camper!  :-)

day 31: cassandra

53 minutes
430ish calories
Cardio Dance party

I had zero energy today and half-assed the workout, but at least I did something. I am so, so, sore from yesterday's intense workout. My entire core feels like someone took a meat cleaver to it and just went to town! Tomorrow is definitely a rest day for me. I am beat!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

day 30: cassandra!!!!!

It is finished! I did it! Granted, I didn't do it the way I had originally planned, but I did 30 workouts and let me tell you -- this is a huge accomplishment!

I had to go big today since it was the 30th workout. I did cardio and weight-lifting (grunts and all) at the base gym. I worked myself incredibly hard and it felt amazing. I ran for a straight 10 minutes which is insane for me because I am not (and never have been) a runner. I normally could only last for about 5 minutes before slowing to a brisk walk.

59 mins, 539 calories

Burning 500 calories a day for 30 days doesn't do anything for my body unless I am eating healthy. Go figure. I have managed to lose about 3 pounds and I haven't taken my measurements yet so I don't know what those are...but I'll found out tomorrow morning. I have been restricting my calories to a max of 1,820 per day and it seems like it's working so far. The fight is not over. I will continue restricting my calories until I reach my goal and I will continue working out in order to MAINTAIN that goal weight. I'm not sure what that goal is right now; I think I'll know it when I can fit into those jeans again.

So yay. The 30 is complete. :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

a new gadget.

Notice the right side of the blog - a new gadget. I've decided to post my weekly weigh-ins just to keep me accountable. So far, so good! I am restricting calories and working out whenever I get the chance. I've met my first goal of 150 pounds!!! Next short-term goal? 148.

I weigh every Tuesday because it coincides with The Biggest Loser and that's how sad my life has become. I am going to try to get BIG WORKOUT 3-0 in tomorrow morning sometime.

Monday, March 2, 2009

30 down: emily

I completely didn't post when I hit 30 days of working out. That was sometime last week. So yay!

I'm still doing my 5K training. Luckily the weather has been cooperating, although the last time I ran it was super windy and I was struggling.

Cass, thanks for the tips on the Polar watch band. I tightened it and that fixed my problems.

Pretty soon, this will be me. Oh yes.

day 29: cassandra

One more day to go and then I've finally finished something I started...for once.


38 minutes (I'm on a time crunch today)
364 calories
P90X Plyometrics Video and dancing around the garage like a fool to Lil Wayne ;)

I know it's not 500, but 364 is a lot better than zero, right?